Joanna McKeon

Growing Up

It was always my dream to become an artist when I grew up. Second grade dioramas and book reports excited me more than the average student, and my essays weren’t complete until I had previewed the title in 50 different font types and colors. Even worse, I distinctly remember cheating at a favorite board game, The Game of Life, so that I could pull the ARTIST career card each time…as if that would somehow affirm my destiny. Fortunately for me, my childhood aspirations came true, since the other top contenders on my list included cash-register lady and hair-dresser lady.

I did the majority of my “growing up” in a suburb of Dallas, TX, home of big hair and sweltering summers. Intent on experiencing another part of the world, I attended college in Ohio at the College of Wooster. College was a great experience for me and the liberal arts education was in tune with my yearning for exploration. I majored in studio art, but had an equally concentrated focus in music, playing french horn in the symphony orchestra. A passion for art history and travel brought me to Florence, Italy for a junior semester abroad. It was here that I cultivated an interest in multimedia art and discovered how current technology could be the vehicle for artistic expression.

After graduation, I moved to Chicago, IL, where I thrive on the intellectual stimulation found in this city setting. Currently, I work as Lead Creative Developer for BeTuitive Publishing.

Work Life

It’s truly gratifying to be able to tell people that I love what I do and I hope that my work reflects that. To me, design is more than a 9 to 5 job and more often than not, “work” feels more like “play.”

Curiosity is my dearest friend. We’re inseparable. Curiosity makes me delve deeper into a project, push it further, question each decision, test out a new idea, and in turn discover other, and perhaps, better ideas along the way. Curiosity transformed me from painter to designer and from designer to developer.

I can’t hide my enthusiasm for learning and exploration. Each new medium I explore strengthens the ones I know already, and inspires me to reach out further and try the next best thing. Every artist knows that creation is a process and that there are problems or questions that arise at every turn. It is these (sometimes frustrating) road blocks that have sharpened my problem-solving skills, ultimately improving my ability to create successful, high-quality designs from beginning to end.

Future Goals

My goal for the next few years is to continue to strengthen my skills by meeting and working with new people. Please feel free to get in touch with me via my contact form. I hope you enjoy the site!